Tyler Wood, Managing Director | Naples Family Office Association

Tyler Wood



Mr. Wood has been characterized throughout his 20 career with a personal and positive communication style that inspires people to act decisively towards a common goal.  He serves as Direct with Gravitas Infinitum.  Gravitas developed the Hemp Economy Services Platform, including business services, hemp processing with advanced proprietary technology, and cloud-based customer-centric software under the Gravitas Kannavis (GK) brand.

Mr. Wood’s Specialties: Capital Formation, Alternatives Portfolio Development, International Finance, Compliance, and various aspects within the Alternative Investment, and Wealth Management industries.

Consulting private clients in capital formation, hedge funds, and construction of their alternative investment portfolios ranging from floor trading specialists to algorithmically driven, automated trading systems. His international business education includes studies in England, France, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

His passion for helping others has been displayed through his 12 year relationship with Kiva.org, a non-profit micro-lending organization supporting entrepreneurial efforts in over 80 countries and successfully loaning over $1Billion globally since inception with a 96.8% repayment rate. 

Mr. Wood has published a book called Bring Mati Home regarding his experience with parental child abduction and how he recovered his son.

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